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Welcome to Skills Beyond Education
Unleash your potential, become a high performer and high achiever. Conquer your career, sports, business and life.

Climb High ~ Higher ~ Highest! 


APPLY NOW for Igniting Peak Performance in Entrepreneurs, Executives, Athletes,  & Students.


GO from GOOD to GREAT and accelerate your personal growth, career growth and business growth through our proven and powerful mentoring program for massive personal growth and development.

What will change when you sign up? You will be able to;

  • Accomplish your ambitions faster

  • Boost your confidence easily

  • Grow your income rapidly

  • Get rewards and recognition easily

  • Overcome your laziness faster

  • Stop overthinking and start taking action

  • Manage your time and stress better

APPLY for our upcoming high performance program for executives and working professionals. Go high and grow higher in your health, wealth and happiness. 

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Turn Your Children Into Legends

End your struggles of modern parenting with our Webinars & Workshops!


Discover how to handle Gadget issues, Boosting confidence, Handling tantrums, Parent-child conflicts, and Navigating the teen years & more and empower yourself as a parent - we got you covered!

Indian Parents with their children

Join our PARENTING CLUB WhatsApp group to register for the upcoming complimentary Confident Parenting Webinar, and get answers for your parenting challenges.

Exclusive Programs
Book Moment with Dev Gadhvi & Capt. Preetham Madhukar, Founder Skills Beyond Education, Bangalore
At the Indian Wealth Summit, Mumbai Capt. Preetham Madhukar with Princy Joseph, Finance Director
Book Moment with Capt. Preetham Madhukar, Robin Sharma, Sunil Tulsiani, Ameet Parekh at Indian Wealth Summit, Mumbai
Skills Beyond Education

At Skills Beyond Education, where ambition meets success, a learning and development company based in Bangalore. We offer online and offline courses, coaching, training and mentoring on life, business, performance, success for students, professionals and corporates by igniting peak performance in individuals and teams.


Our team of experts will guide you towards achieving your goals and reaching your full potential. We believe that building grit, leadership, courage and imagination are very important for personal and professional success in a 21st century world.


Our uniquely crafted and innovative personal growth and development programs goes beyond the classroom knowledge to help you develop the skills and the mindset to succeed like a champion of your craft and in all areas of life.

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Amazon's # 1 Best selling book | 3 Culprits

Captain Preetham is a published author having written over 3 books and his most recent being a non-fiction book '3 Culprits: Laziness, Fear & Doubt'. He blends his mission of taking control on one's life to achieve the success we deserve by building our discipline, courage and clarity.

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From Delay to Do

Techniques for Overcoming Procrastination

The Confidence Revolution

Embracing Potential and Building Resilience

The Winning Edge

Develop a Champion's Mindset

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