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Capt Preetham Madhukar with Robin Sharma, Sunil Tulsiani  and Ameet Parek

Our Story

Welcome to "Skills Beyond Education" – your beacon towards high performance, personal growth, and professional development. Under the guidance of our founder, Captain Preetham Madhukar – an acclaimed former sea captain, performance and parenting coach, and prolific author – you're set for an inspiring transformational journey.


With a deep-seated understanding of human potential and a resolute commitment to growth, Captain Preetham has devoted his life to helping individuals discover and unleash their true capabilities, setting them on a path towards exceptional lives.


As an esteemed performance coach, he has mastered the art of kindling the fire within individuals, enabling them to surpass their own boundaries, break free from self-limitations, and achieve astounding success. His coaching strategies incorporate psychological insights, pragmatic tactics, and an unshakeable belief in human potential. His guidance has unlocked paths to peak performance for many, empowering them to thrive in their respective fields.


But his contributions don’t stop at professional accomplishments. Recognizing the pivotal role parents play in the lives of children, Captain Preetham also extends his wisdom as a compassionate parenting coach. His profound understanding, empathy, and transformative guidance have helped parents forge strong bonds with their children, nurturing their emotional health and fostering an environment ripe for growth and resilience.

Recognizing a widespread decline in focus, productivity, and performance across industries, and the simultaneous rise of procrastination and mediocrity, Captain Preetham discovered a lack of WILL to be the root cause. He addressed this issue by establishing 'Skills Beyond Education' in 2016, advocating the life-changing power of WILL.


Closely involved in homeschooling and alternate education initiatives since 2016, Skills Beyond Education has launched unique programs such as star gazing camps, woodworking camps, apprenticeship programs, and WILL and grit camps, all imbued with elements of anthroposophy, democratic education, and sea mentorship practices.


Our mission? To help a billion people reach their full potential, empowering them to realize their dreams and become masters of their own destinies. Come aboard and chart your journey to greatness with Skills Beyond Education!

Join Captain Preetham Madhukar and Skills Beyond Education as we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and empowerment. 


Get ready to transcend limitations, rewrite your story, and embrace a life of unlimited potential.

Pic (above): Mr. Sunil Tulsiani - Best selling author, real estate coach, Capt. Preetham Madhukar - Elite performance coach, Mr. Robin Sharma - Celerity Author and Mentor, Dr. Ameet Parekh - Business Success Coach.

Pic (below): (left) With Ms. Juhi Raahi - Celebrity Influencer, Speaker and Coach, (centre) Indian Wealth Summit Dinner with elite business owners and entrepreneurs, (right) Mr. Suresh G P, founder of Taub solutions and Mr. Ashok Arunachalam, Founder Greenview Healthcare.

Book Moment with Ms. Juuhiraai, Celebrity influencer, Coach, Speaker and Capt. Preetham Madhukar.
Indian Wealth Summit, Mumbai, Capt. Preetham Madhukar along with Visionary Leaders, Successfull Entrepreneurs & Business owners
Capt. Preetham Madhukar with Mr.Suresh G P, Founder TaUB Solutions & Mr.Ashok Arunachalam, Founder GreenView Health Care, Bangalore

Meet The Team

Skills Beyond Education has a dedicated team of mentors championing real and authentic project-driven learning through a self-directed, peer-assisted and mentor-led approach. We are a results oriented team to help you achieve the success you desire by using mentoring techniques from varied disciplines.


Our ever growing and highly driven team has wide interests in the field of education, empowerment and sustainability, and adapt our expertise and best learning practices to help you win in your career, business and life.

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