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Capt Preetham Madhukar, Founder of skills beyond education bangalore
About the speaker

Captain Preetham Madhukar is a seasoned ship captain and sailor who brings years of experience in critical decision-making, crisis management, and overcoming challenges to his work as a Will Strength Coach. He has navigated through some of the toughest situations imaginable, including storms, fires, accidents, and pirates, which have equipped him with valuable insights into life and practical strategies to overcome personal, professional, and business challenges.


He observed across industries that people’s focus, productivity and performance were on the decline and the procrastination, indecisiveness and mediocrity were on the rise. Further exploration led to the revelation that lack of WILL was the root cause and decided to do something about it.


Preetham founded 'Skills Beyond Education' in 2016 and is a passionate advocate of the transformative power of WILL in our lives. He believes that our actions, whether big or small has the power to transform our life and are all expressions of our WILL. He is a seasoned author, speaker, and India's 1st Will Strength Coach who helps people build their Will.

Speaking Topics

From Delay to Do

Techniques for Overcoming Procrastination

The Confidence Revolution

Embracing Potential and Building Resilience

The Winning Edge

Develop a Champion's Mindset

Captain Preetham is widely acclaimed for his engaging star gazing sessions. His interactive approach, combining celestial stories with fun activities, is not only popular in Bangalore but across the country. Recognizing star gazing's potential in boosting imagination and creativity, he offers these unique experiences to both adults and children, making a significant impact on

individual creativity.

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Preetham specializes in mentoring adolescents and young adults, assisting them in finding life's purpose and direction. He employs a unique approach to parent coaching for ages 5-15, blending anthroposophy, democratic education, and J Krishnamurthy’s principles with elements of his sea training mentorship practices. He guided a group of 13-16-year-olds in a five-month journey to write 'Call Of The Blue', an engaging book about water education, a journey filled with personal growth, development, and learning adventures, which he often recounts in his inspirational talks.

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CORE VALUES : "With a deep passion for the power of WILL, I believe that it represents everything in life. Every action we take is an act of WILL, one that can profoundly impact our destiny and Karma.

As I observe those around me, I see so many people settling for less than their full potential. They are unwilling to pursue their dreams, accept mediocrity, and live complacently. They waste their lives, opportunities or simply fail to pursue the path of success. But I know, that strengthening the WILL is the key to our success, whether it's building relationships, creating wealth, improving health, advancing your career, or achieving entrepreneurial success.


I am committed to helping people become the master of their WILL, and my talks are about empowering people to create their destiny and achieve their goals. So, if you're ready to unlock your full potential and take control of your life, I'm here to guide you on your journey to success."

Wishing you an abundance of WILL, Courage & Faith to succeed in all your pursuit!


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